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Best Sump Pump Battery Backup - Top 12 Of 2022

We've tested these top-rated Best sump pump battery backup from 11,711 reviews of customers in December 2022, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the Best sump pump battery backup from well-known brands: The basement watchdog, Wayne, Sec america, Superior pump, Star, Pumpspy, Zoeller.

Henrik Ibsen By, Henrik Ibsen
  • Includes a WiFi capable battery backup system that provides 24 hours a day monitoring of pump, power and battery conditions, backup controller will sound an alarm, illuminates a warning light and describe what to do for easy maintenance
  • 1/2 HP energy efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) primary pump can save money on your electric bills
  • Provides days of intermittent pumping power on a single battery charge and is compatible with both wet cell and maintenance-free AGM batteries. Connect two batteries in parallel for double the run time
  • Pre-assembled system allowing for easy installation with little or no plumbing knowledge necessary
  • Dual float switches on both the primary and backup sump pump systems provide 4x the protection
  • Includes emergency battery backup sump pump system with 24 hour a day monitoring controller
  • WHAT YOU NEED: For functionality of the battery backup, connect a 12Volt deep cycle marine battery (purchased separately) with a capacity rating between 90 & 200 ampere hours; battery cables included
  • BRAND PROMISE: We take pride in our rugged, built-to-last products & offer a 2-year factory warranty on our sump pump battery backup system; made & serviced in the USA
  • Tough thermoplastic construction; 10-foot cord length
  • Superior Pumps are Built to Last, engineered with quality components and are 100% factory tested
  • 12 Volt Sump pump moves up to 1,380 gallons per hour, pump will lift water up to 25' of vertical height
  • Works with a deep-cycle battery but Basement Sentry brand batteries recommended (sold separately - See Basement Century STB75B Battery).
  • Provides additional protection against basement flooding when the power goes out
  • Installs in sump basins along with a primary, 115V sump pump
  • WiFi-COMPATIBLE: PumpSpy's PS2000 Battery Backup Sump Pump System connects to a local WiFi network so that you can monitor your basement anywhere! Our proprietary app allows remote monitoring and alert services with no monthly subscriptions. The PumpSpy remote monitoring and alert services are available anywhere with an internet connection.
  • EASY TO USE: This smart battery backup sump pump works with any 120-Volt primary sump pump! Simply plug your sump pump into the 120-Volt outlet on the controller so PumpSpy can start watching your sump pump system. The backup pump can pump a maximum of 3,600 gallons of water per hour, 2,400 gallons/hour at 10 feet of lift. It sits next to the main pump and automatically activates when there is a power outage or pump issue.
  • REMOTE MONITORING: Aside from the app, we also provide remote monitoring service via patented and proprietary technology. PumpSpy computers watch your primary sump pump, backup pump, and battery. System tests are performed 3X per week to ensure your primary and backup pumps are ready to protect your basement from the next storm.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Pumps intermittently for days on the Basement Watchdog Emergency (BWE) or Combination (DFK961) system
  • Shipped dry to remain fresh until activated

Best sump pump battery backup


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Henrik Ibsen By, Henrik Ibsen
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