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  • Cocktail Smoker W/ Wood Chips : Our Premium Hand Crafted Smoker Kit Comes with 4 Pack of Wood Chips & Cleaning Brush. We Have included Apple, Cherry , Oak & Pecan Wood Chips.
  • Gift Ready Packaging: Our Drink Smoker comes in a beautiful package which is ready to be gifted. Your loved ones will enjoy this gift
  • Wide Smoke Hole : We have carefully designed our Smoker with Wide smoker hole which helps infuse your drink with smoke quickly
  • SMOKE DRINKS LIKE A PRO: Not a bartender? SmokeTop's simple yet elegant design makes it easy to bartend and wow your friends at your home bar! Perfect for parties, our flavored chips provide a soothing aroma and a perfect accent to any drink.
  • 4 PACK OF HIGH QUALITY FLAVORED WOOD CHIPS: Our cocktail smoking kit comes with a 4 pack of chip flavors including cherry, hickory, maple, and oak.
  • THE ORIGINAL AT HOME DRINK SMOKER: The ORIGINAL SmokeTop is made in the USA from solid American Cherry. This American-made smoke infuser lends a heady, full sensory experience to cocktails and other drinks and food.
  • Fathers Day Gift- Consistently ranked as top father day gift item, whiskey gifts for men. The perfect gift idea for the person who has it all.
  • Simple & Easy to Use - Smoke Board 7 Piece Complete Package - Smoke Boards cocktail smoker includes all components needed to infuse a cocktail. 3 different woodchips - Cherry, Apple & Pecan, Torch, Mason Jar & Whiskey Barrel Smoke Boardds is the perfect cocktail smoker kit to create a presentation and impress your friends with this whiskey smoker. Be the talk of your next event with this smoke gun
  • Handcrafted For Quality & Backed By A Lifetime Warranty- We take pride in helping you craft a quality cocktail. If for any reason you are ever unsatisfied we will give you a full refund.
  • TOP QUALITY MATERIALS AND DESIGNS:SITOO cocktail smoker turned from a solid piece of walnut wood, stainless steel pipe helps prevent burning of chimney interior and gives you the pure smoke flavor of wood chips only.
  • UNIVERSAL WILD FIT: This old fashioned smoker kit is 3.9 " Diameter which fits almost all glass and cover size. It can not only works perfectly with any cocktails, whiskey or bourbon, but also infuses meats, cheese, dried fruits and more!
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: SITOO Premium Hand Crafted Smoker Kit includes a cocktail smoker, a torch(without butane), a stainless steel pipe, a cleaning brush, 5 replaceable filters and 4 different flavors of pure natural wood chips, including apple, cherry, pecan and peach wood chips.Which are all packed in an elegant ready-to-gift wooden box!
  • Note: Torches DO NOT come filled with Butane. These must be purchased separately and can be purchased on Amazon, from most smoke shops, and some convenience stores. The Torch requires any regular Lighter Butane
  • A THOUGHTFUL GIFT: Order the Busy Bee cocktail set bartender kit for yourself or as a unique present for a friend or loved one, and you can be sure to win their appreciation! An excellent choice for birthday, housewarming, holidays, man cave, gentlemen’s bourbon gifts for men and more!
  • A MUST FOR CONNOISSEURS: Whether a professional bartender or you simply enjoy experiencing the intense, alluring notes of each sip of your favorite cocktail, the Busy Bee drink smoker set is a must in your collection!
  • PERFECT KIT FOR ANY DRINK: This unique at home smoker kit works perfectly with any cocktails, whiskey, or bourbon. It is your one stop shop for an old fashioned style smoking glass.
  • SMOKE DRINKS LIKE A PRO: Not a bartender? SmokeTop's simple yet elegant design offers anyone the chance to be a professional bartender and wow your friends at your home bar! Perfect for parties, our cherry chips provide a soothing aroma and a perfect accent to any drink.
  • NOT JUST A COCKTAIL SMOKER: Not just a cocktail smoker! Cold smoke anything you can think of, cocktails, spirits, meats, cheese, coffee, and even ice-cream! This user-friendly at home cold smoker is perfect for a variety of foods and drinks.
  • 🥃【WIDELY APPLICATION】Whiskey smoker kit can help you making natural flavored drinks according to your own taste.Not only for cocktail smoker,cold smoke,whiskey , you can use it for wine, bourbon, meats, cheese, coffee, ice cream, dried fruits, salt, BBQ and so on.Enhance flavors and impress guests with our complete drink smoker kit.
  • 🥃【EXCEPTIONAL GIFT FOR MEN】This drink smoker is an ideal gift for anyone who loves craft cocktails and entertaining.Whiskey smoker kit with torch is a perfect Christmas, Birthday, Father's Day gift for, Friends,Dad and Husband .They will loves it and their friends will all jealous
  • 🥃【PERFECT SIZE 】 The cocktail smoker kit for drinks designed to fit almost all wine utensils. The old fashioned smoker can be easily sit the opening of a whiskey cup, bourbon glass, shaker, highball, low ball tumbler, snifter, smoking cloche etc. The 6-hole design at the bottom can effectively improve the smoke exhaust efficiency. The stainless steel filter can isolate wood chips residue, fast flavor in 15 seconds. You can increase the smoked time according to your taste.

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